Playing Catch-up: May, Packing!

I don’t know if the title up there really deserves an exclamation point, but in keeping with the pattern…

After graduation, it was time to start the moving process. My parents stayed for an extra day to help us get started, and our pile of boxes began to grow. At this point, we didn’t even have an apartment lined up in Seattle. (Ugh. Remembering that stress is not fun, even though I’m typing this while sitting in our Seattle apartment.) So we had no idea what all would fit, what we’d be willing to haul, what we had to sell…

Well, we did know a couple things we had to sell. Our cars! We sold both my Escape and Michael’s Camry, trading up for Grandma and Grandpa Adamek’s 2008 Prius. A perfect car for the city, and (for once in my life) one that’s actually reliable. We sold two cars and bought one, all independently, all within three days. We also sold a ton of mismatched furniture and lots of superfluous stuff in a two-day moving sale with our housemates, the Hedges.

Somewhere in there, we found an apartment. A tiny, 630-square-foot “one bedroom” (the walls to the bedroom don’t reach the ceiling, so it’s really a studio with glorified partitions) in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Finally.

We got the house cleaned and fully empty about a week early, and moved everything from Shaker to Concord, where all our belongings lived in Mom and Dad Hermelin’s garage for a week and a half (thanks, parents everywhere, for doing this kind of thing).


One last snap of our empty entrance and living room. So many memories in this space.


The last picture I took of our beautiful house in Shaker. We moved before the hibiscus out front bloomed.

We managed to get in a few non-moving things during that stretch…


Dinner at Pier W with family, and a beautiful view of our beloved Cleveland.


An evening trip to a couple of wineries in far-east Ohio with Mom and Dad H.

I don’t know what else to write about that week-and-a-half or so between graduation and our last couple of weddings for the season (coming up in the next post). We were excited and ready to turn the page; we’d been waiting and preparing for this change for a long time. But when I moved to Cleveland back in the fall of 2012, I couldn’t have imagined how much it would come to feel like home. And every one of those last days in May came with an underlying current of sadness. I like change and welcome it, but closing the door on this chapter of our lives was harder than I ever thought possible.

Thankfully, we had some good things to look forward to– two medical school weddings, and a camping trip with the Hedges in between. Stay tuned!


A Brite Winter Night

Last Saturday, we ventured out to Ohio City to surprise our friend Ethan for his 25th birthday. (Happy birthday, Ethan! We love you!)

We first met up with our recently-engaged friends Lesley and Jason for dinner. Lesley went to undergrad with Michael and is in the same year of medical school at a different program. It’s always refreshing to hear her perspective on the medical school process, and it’s been fun to talk wedding stuff, having just been through it ourselves! I’m sending Lesley this book, which my friend Cait gave to me after my engagement– it kept me sane throughout the wedding-planning process.

We ate at Town Hall, a new favorite– on one side of the restaurant, the seating is first-come, first-serve; you order your food at the counter and get your own drinks. No servers, no waiting for the pitcher to come ’round (and no tipping). It’s lovely.

The bonus of being in Ohio City on Saturday was that the Brite Winter music festival was going on. There were TONS of live local bands playing, including our friends The Modern Electric, whose show we got to see after dinner. The temperatures actually rose above zero that day, but I still couldn’t believe the guys could play outside without gloves on.

It was the best show of theirs we’d been to. The sound mixing was fantastic. We happened to be standing next to the sound guy, who was mixing with an iPad (uh… cool), so having that vantage point was lucky, since we were hearing the same things he was.

After our feet grew completely numb (for real), we managed to find Ethan and the rest of our party in the crowd, and headed inside. We warmed up with some spirits from the Market Garden Brewery, and some good conversation.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Love those faces. 🙂

Doughnuts and Interviews and Fourth Year

Last weekend, Michael and I both had both days off. Shall we call it a miracle? We were determined to soak it all in.

Saturday morning, we slept as long as our bodies wanted (sweet luxury) and then got up to start our day. We made good use of some Christmas gift cards and went shopping for some dress shirts for Michael. It was a successful trip. Then we got down to business and drove to the west side to visit a coffee shop I’ve been meaning to try, Rising Star.

Our review: The coffee was complex and delicious, but not mind-blowing. It’s definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area, though. So, what to go with our coffee? Doughnuts, of course. We went to Jack Frost.

Talking to Alex at some point that day, we asked him if he had ever been (he’s much better at exploring his surroundings than we are), and he said, “you mean the Promised Land?” Well, Jack Frost was a little hole-in-the-wall in a random corner of Cleveland, and it may not have been flowing with milk and honey, but it definitely had an abundance of cream and glaze.

Doughnuts beyond doughnuts.

Doughnuts beyond doughnuts.

The doughnuts were cheap and delicious (just the way we like here in Cleveland) and my only regret is that we didn’t get five times more plain glazed than we did.

Transitioning into the evening, we dragged Ethan along to B. Dubs (apparently in Cleveland the nickname is BW3s? That does not make sense to me. Three what? Is this an actual thing?). After our outing of great company, so-so food, and the worst server ever, we screened a double feature: Birdman and Foxcatcher. We all really liked Birdman; we only got halfway through Foxcatcher before remembering that we’re old now and can’t stay up until 2:30 in the morning. I don’t plan on finishing– it struck me as creepy and depressing (M. confirms that it’s both).

We had a nice quick visit on Sunday with Mom and Dad H., and then I fulfilled my sloth goal of binge-watching a TV show and doing nothing. (Check.) I watched Orphan Black on the recommendation of my cousin Megan, friend Cait, and coworker Mary– three different sources confirming the same thing– it has to be good, right? It is. It almost fills the huge hole Fringe left in my heart.

Other bonus from Sunday: Michael made both lunch and dinner. (He also made dinner for me tonight.) I’m a lucky one.

This week has been crazy. I officially started my training program for the half marathon in May, worked a LOT, and had my interview for that full time position on Wednesday. It went well, and though I’m not really worried that I won’t get the position (there were six people applying for four positions; no one really wanted the one at my branch except me)– I’ll hear the actual, final decision in the next couple weeks.

Michael had an informational meeting yesterday to hear more about fourth year– the requirements and the structure, etc. It was somehow both daunting and comforting… He will have a lot more autonomy in his schedule, but he still has some pretty hefty requirements to fulfill, on top of applying and interviewing for residencies… And studying for Step 2. The possibility of away rotations is there, too– in which he could opt to do a rotation with a potential residency program anywhere in the country, for stretches of several weeks at a time. I did know what I was getting into when a married a future doctor, but that doesn’t always make it easier.

One day at a time.