Playing Catch-up: May, Graduation!

Michael’s graduation from medical school landed on a day of freak weather in Cleveland– it was below freezing, sleeting and snowy. After traveling, arriving back home, unpacking our bags and beginning to pack our belongings, we then had family arrive– and of course in the middle of it all I got really sick. So for me, Michael’s graduation day is a haze of emotion and kleenex in my memory. Thankfully, we got some good pictures.

These are blurry, but they’re some of my favorites from the day. In the chaos of arriving, trying to make sure hoods were being worn correctly, laughing with friends at the culmination of four years of hard work– I love these guys and am thankful for their friendships with Michael.


We only had two tickets to the larger university ceremony, so Mom Hermelin and I went together.


We managed to find Lauren…


Then Steph…


… Then Emily. 🙂


While we were waiting in relative warmth, the graduates were doing this:


L to R: Nick (Steph’s husband), Zach (Emily’s husband), Michael, Erin, Jordan

The rest of the family were able to watch on screens from another building. Following this, though, was the smaller medical school graduate ceremony– where they actually get to cross the stage– and we could all attend.




Getting that M.D.!!!

I was crying off and on all morning, but this ceremony was just full of joy. One favorite moment was during the reading of the Hippocratic Oath: Because so many voices were reading the same words, and all else was quiet, my mom could hear the words via her cochlear implant.IMG_3538

After this, it was time to celebrate.



It was chaotic and we couldn’t find everyone we wanted to see and congratulate, but managed to snag a few more moments with friends:



Hey– we made it, too. ❤

Then we had a party at our house. 🙂

… And when the weather warmed up, took some more pictures.

I couldn’t be more proud of that guy.

In the midst of a crazy busy time in our lives, this day was a good reminder that all the work, absences, intense schedules, grumpiness, tears, and stress was for a purpose. And on the eve of heading our separate ways, it was also really good to celebrate the result of the last four years with the people who walked beside us.

Happy (belated) graduation to all you new Medical Doctors.


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