A Family Wedding and a Visit “Home”

Oh man, the craziness has begun! We knew that starting in April our lives would kick into hyperdrive, and April is now almost over. Hence the lack of posting. This is not a post about moving to Seattle or any of our preparations– I’ll work on that one later. But you’re about to get a lot of pictures, so buckle in…

After Match Day, our next big event was Alex and Rachel’s wedding in Kansas City. Michael went to help his brother with the prep about a week and a half before the big day, then I drove down with Patrick and Lauren (my other brother-in-law and future sister-in-law) a week later. After 13 hours in the car, we still managed to pull off a decent sibling photo:


The Hermelin “kids”! Plus Alex and Rachel’s dogs, Oliver (in Lauren’s lap) and Gwenie.

The guys celebrated Alex’s bachelor party that evening with a Sporting KC game, and we girls got to have an unexpected dinner date– a time I’ll treasure. I’m so, so grateful that those two women up there are the ones my brothers (in law) have chosen. They’re pretty great.

The next day was all about setting up the venue and rehearsing!






Pizza and beer for the rehearsal dinner. A+


The next morning, Mom Hermelin, Lauren and I got ready together. Alex stopped by to practice the mother-son dance, and I had to snap this picture of the bathrobe/heels combo. 🙂







And then it was ceremony time, and I put the camera away! Picked it up again during the reception…


Maid-of-honor’s speech


And my husband gave a speech about his brother that left me in tears. Geez.


Ridiculously, my only real picture of the bride and groom on their wedding day is this blurry iPhone photo of their first dance. But if you can get past the graininess, you can see the joy they radiated that night. ❤

Michael and I extended our time in the area through the end of the weekend so that we could visit my friends and family in Kansas, so the next day we struck out for our first stop: lunch with Uncle Larry and Aunt Myra:


Delicious KC BBQ.

After catching up with them and poking around at an estate sale together, we headed to Lawrence and visited my alma mater.


My first visit to KU’s campus after I was accepted was in April of 2008. I’ll never forget how beautiful the campus was with tulips in full bloom that year, or any of following springs that I spent there.


I was wearing my Sellards shirt, so obviously I had to pay a visit to my old scholarship hall, too.

And THEN we headed down to Mass Street for the main event:


Meeting Miss Darcy Lee Boehmler.


We are having a very serious conversation here, because Darcy is a VERY serious baby.

It’s one thing to know your friends are parents, but it’s another to actually see them in action. Our visit was too short, but it was pretty amazing to see Aaron and Amanda– friends I’ve known since before they were even dating– be Mom and Dad to this precious little one.


Daddy admiring his daughter.


Beautiful Mama.


Darcy B., one short visit was not enough. It was wonderful to see you at two months; my hope and prayer is to see you through two years and two decades, as well. I’ll always be your Auntie Dana. 🙂

After Lawrence, we headed for our westernmost destination: Topeka for a meal with a good chunk of the Wible side.


I highly recommend being friends with your cousins as adults. There’s nothing quite like it.

The next morning, we visited TBC and I got to see SO MANY people I love!


Liz, the Mahner girls, and Lori– Liz and Leah were in 7th grade when I first started working with the youth group, and now they’re all multiple years out from graduation. And I feel old! (Lori is ageless as always)


My dear friend Heidi.

We wrapped up our trip with some classic Topeka Mexican food at El Mezcal, and a couple more pictures:



Thanks for smiling, Grandma. 🙂

And that was last weekend! Whew!


This week is Michael’s last week of rotations (i.e. his last week of medical school! What?!) and my last week of work. We’ve had a weekend full of time with friends, and we’re looking forward to leaving for a cruise in six days to celebrate graduation, our second anniversary, etc. and to try to relax a bit before all the coming changes.



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