Match Day

By now you probably all know what Match Day brought for us, but this momentous occasion still deserves a post. 🙂

Match Day morning came about three hours too early for me, because (surprise, surprise) I couldn’t sleep. So we went to the location a couple hours early, and I was able to commiserate with Emily (it was her birthday!) while our husbands got commencement info.


Sooooo punchy.


I mean, all our candids from the time before we opened our envelopes are pretty golden.



Here we are. We’re ready. (Maybe.)


The envelopes just sit there before the ceremony, mocking us. We were “legally” not allowed to open them until noon.

Mom and Dad Hermelin came to experience Match Day, and my parents phoned in via FaceTime to see all the craziness. The deans and faculty started talking about 20 minutes to noon, congratulating everyone and honestly just killing time. Two minutes before noon, a maddening countdown display flickered onto the projector screens.

1426239_10208875661467728_4537652008061941881_n (1)

Photo: Lauren Kearney

And then it was time! As soon as the timer hit zero, we could go get the envelope. Michael opened his right there in front of the table. He read it, then read it again, then said,

“It’s Seattle!”

And it was.

All of us were expecting Michigan. Michael said later he even read “Michigan” when he first opened the envelope. But the University of Washington was our first choice, so needless to say, we’re really, really excited.


When we’re excited, our smiles get kind of manic.

So after we found out, it was BUSINESS TIME. Where were all our friends going?! It was complete madness.

Two to Boston, one to Philadelphia, one to Charlotte, two to Chicago, one to Salt Lake City, and one to San Francisco. None are going to the Pacific Northwest with us, but we’re really excited and grateful to have two of our best friends (Nicole and Ethan) already living there.


This isn’t all the guys, but this is one of my favorites from the day.

The rest of the day was spent sharing the news with family and friends, trying and failing to take a nap, and lots and lots of celebrating. It was one the most unique and crazy experiences of my life, and it was a really amazing one– but I never want to do it again! Ha!

So now comes the next part: Planning, packing, graduating, traveling, wrapping up loose ends here… Saying goodbye (I don’t even want to think about it)– and then embarking on our next adventure. We’re moving to Seattle!





3 thoughts on “Match Day

    • We have videos! There’s one of us opening the envelope and one of us finding out where all our friends are going. They’re way too crazy to post here but I’ll show you when we’re in Texas so I can explain what’s going on!


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