The Longest Shortest Month

February has always been my least-favorite month. It’s the shortest of the year, but it always feels like the longest. There’s no hope yet for spring. Sunshine seems like a distant memory. It’s all very dramatic.

This year, we’ve been kind of spoiled. This year, it’s the last day of February, yet it seems like I just got home from Minnesota (that was the 2nd). This year, we’ve had babies to look forward to! This year, the shadow of Match Day looms ever closer, making time warp. This year, February has been all right. Just okay… But okay nonetheless. A few things we’ve liked about this February:

  • An extra-snuggly puppy dog.
  • Several hang-out sessions with good, good friends– making the most of our time with them here in Cleveland.
  • Meal-planning for the first time in my life, and feeling pretty accomplished about it. (Don’t laugh. I’ve recently come to the realization that I don’t like cooking. But having a schedule helps.)
  • Panda Express opening up, complete with a drive-through, right on my route home from work (for those days when meal-planning fails me).
  • Handing in my official resignation– a few months early, but it’s easier for my coworkers to plan now.
  • Celebrating a super chill Valentine’s Day.
  • Unseasonably warm weather, plus sunshine (!) the last two weekends.
  • Getting a new nephew on the 20th. (I have to wait until May to meet him! Gah!)
  • Celebrating our fantastic niece’s 2nd birthday on the 22nd.
  • Welcoming my dear friend Amanda’s first baby, a girl, born on the 23rd. (I can’t wait to meet you in April, little nugget!)
  • Academy Awards yesterday! I love the Oscars. We saw all but one of the best picture nominations this year, attempting to continue our tradition. I was happy with all the winners.
  • Awaiting our other nephew, due in a week. We thought a Leap Day baby would be fun, but it looks like that probably won’t happen.

So despite being a leap year, with February EXTRA LONG, it hasn’t been so bad. We’re just riding it out, one day at a time, waiting on March 18th. (Match Day. I don’t want to talk about it. Eek!) And this post is sans-pictures again… This time because I dropped my phone in the toilet. 😦


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