It’s been difficult, lately, to think of anything but our schedule over the next five months. Michael is currently in Nashville on his penultimate residency interview trip– he’s going to Durham, NC at the end of the week and then he’s done! We predicted the exact number of interviews he would do: 15, over a period of three months. It’s been a pretty crazy season, but very, very soon, we will be making real decisions about our rank list, which needs to be finalized by late February.

Our travel isn’t quite over yet– I am leaving in a little over a week to spend some time in Minnesota with my parents, and to be there when my mom’s cochlear implant is turned on. I’m grateful that after that trip, we’ll have a relatively quiet February and early March– and maybe we’ll be able to slow down enough to process some of the coming changes.

Today I am missing the baby shower of Amanda, one of my dearest friends, because she lives in Lawrence– and alas, I have to work. Distance has taught me that time close to loved ones is precious. I don’t want to take this time here and now for granted– I won’t always get to share these milestones (like addressing my friend’s wedding invitations yesterday, or getting to see my future sister-in-law try on her dress tomorrow) with the people I love. And so we come back to the idea of presence: Being here, now. Looking for my purpose here, now. Praying that I am right where I need to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, here and now. And waiting for that next step.

Hang in there, folks.


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