2015: Year in Review


– I surprised my friend Megan at her baby shower in Lawrence.

I don’t remember who took this photo (I think Sherry?), but it’s courtesy of Meggie. 🙂

– I started training for my first half marathon.

– Michael continued in his third year of medical school, rotating through different specialties.


– We survived a long stretch of really cold weather, something we may not have to do this year…

– We celebrated our first married Valentine’s Day.

– Michael continued in his third year of medical school, rotating through different specialties.


– I was promoted to a full-time position working for the library.

– I spent some time in Iowa with the Meyers and their new baby girl, Lydia.

What a beaut'.

What a beaut’.

– Michael continued in his third year of medical school, rotating through different specialties. (You’ll notice there is a theme here…)

– But he DID catch a break and got to visit Alex in Kansas City for a little while.


– I ran. A lot.

– Michael continued in his third year of medical school, rotating through different specialties.

– We got our first taste of night float– Michael working on the complete opposite schedule of me. Result: We barely see each other, but our dog gets a LOT of cuddle time. We’ll have a lot more of that next year…


– I went to the Kentucky Derby with the medwives.

– My mom, sisters, and niece and nephew came to visit!

– I ran a half marathon!

SO sweaty. Photo by Lindsey Atkins

– I started a summer statistics course, hoping to get some career direction.

– We celebrated our first anniversary!

– Michael… Well. You know.


– We celebrated Grandpa Adamek’s 80th birthday.

– We found out that my sister Leigh is pregnant.

– Michael finished his third year of medical school! Hooray!


– Michael began fourth year– more rotations (but more focused, and less intense than third year), plus lots of decisions to make about specializing and residency applications.

– I went on a short trip to Kansas for a couple of weddings and some longed-for time spent with extended family on my side.

Some of the Wible side of the family! Photo taken on my mom’s phone, I think.


– Mom and Dad Hermelin celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

– I celebrated my 26th birthday.

– The Wible family spent a week in Montana and at Yellowstone on our long overdue family vacation.

Photo from Lindsey.

– We found out that my sister Lindsey is pregnant. My two sisters are both having boys; their due dates are 1.5 weeks apart, at the end of February/beginning of March.


– I decided not to pursue stats, and to keep exploring my options, enrolling in a career course.

– Michael decided to apply to internal medicine residency programs, and began the application process.


– With the medwives, I took a weekend trip down to Columbus.

– Cait came all the way from LA for a weekend visit, over the coldest stretch of days we’ve had this fall and winter!

 – Michael began traveling for residency interviews.

– Michael’s brother Patrick got engaged!

– We had a Harry Potter Halloween party.

– My mom scheduled the date of her cochlear implant surgery (January 4th).


– Michael celebrated his 26th birthday.

– Michael traveled a LOT for residency interviews.

– We took a mini-trip to Virginia for one of those interviews.

– Michael’s brother Alex got engaged!

– We celebrated Thanksgiving (and at the same time, Christmas) with the Wible side.

Photo by Lindsey Atkins


– Michael traveled some MORE for residency interviews.

– We went to Seattle for one of those interviews, also spending some time with the Shaws and Ethan.

– Michael took the last exam of his medical school career: Step 2 CS.

– We celebrated Christmas with the Hermelin/Adamek family. (See previous post!)

– We are ending the year tonight with movies at home and “real” pizza (i.e. not frozen and not Georgio’s). We’re real fancy around here.

_ . _

Okay, 2015. It’s been real. All hail 2016: We’re expecting two babies, two weddings, an M.D., and a move– and that’s just counting our family! We’re as ready as we’ll ever be.

Happy New Year!


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