Home for Thanksmas

Over Thanksgiving, Michael, Isis, and I drove to my hometown in Minnesota to spend the holiday with the Wible side of the family. It’s a long drive, but so worth it to see those faces! Michael hadn’t seen my dad and our brothers-in-law since last Christmas, and we were more than ready for a visit. As most of you know, both my sisters are pregnant, and both also have almost-two-year-olds. Last year, the babies were little enough that we could work them into most of our traditions– but this year we have toddlers! We all had to be a little more flexible, and yeah, some of the traditions fell by the wayside. But the ones that matter stayed, and of course the most important “tradition” was just being all together. We’re ushering in a new stage in the Wible family, and every part of that is good.

Kona and Isis did not get along as well as they have in the past, which was a bummer, but on the bright side, Isis was just as good with the kiddos as ever:

(I promise she liked Wyn, too– I just had my phone on me less than normal this trip.)

We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas on our first day all together, leaving the rest of the trip for relaxation. The boys all went to a Timberwolves game one night, while the girls took the babies to see Santa at the mall; we had a sisters’ date at Caribou; we ate and played games,

we did lots of puzzles for all ages, of course (thanks Mom Hermelin for the good selection!),

we did lots of puzzles for all ages, of course (thanks Mom Hermelin for the good selection!)…

Took walks...

Took walks…

Played outside...

Played outside… Or at least dressed like we did! Kidding. We did.

Hung out with the old men...

Hung out with the old men…

Those old men are old. And they’re showing it. Both are 16, they’ve lived long, good lives with lots of love.

We made pepparkakor...

We made pepparkakor…

LOTS of pepparkakor!

LOTS of pepparkakor!

And, as always, the end came too soon.

I love Thanksgiving because it’s a holiday with no strings attached– it’s not a Hallmark holiday; you don’t have to give gifts. It’s just a day set aside to reflect on blessings and the people and things for which you’re most grateful. And eat a lot, but you know… That’s optional. Combining Thanksgiving with Christmas is just fine in my eyes– if you think about it, it really highlights the best parts of both holidays. I’m thankful for my family, and grateful for the time we got to spend with them.

I’m also thankful that I get to go back home in January when my mom’s cochlear implant is turned on! I’m grateful for great employers; my boss and her bosses and HR jumped through a lot of hoops to grant me the time off to go. And sometime in the spring I will visit those new baby boys and their families. Until then, Wible fam. Love you guys.

_ * _

For more pictures: if you’re friends with them on Facebook, you can see my mom’s albums of their renovation (which is beautiful!) here, and Lindsey’s pictures from the trip (infinitely more quality than mine) here.


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