A Comedy of Errors

Yesterday I got an early Christmas gift in the mail from Cait. Cait is a supreme gift-giver. If you’re familiar with love languages: hers is definitely gifts. So even though I didn’t ask for it, she knew I would love this album, and I do (Waitress is a great movie that is now being turned into a musical; it promises to be awesome– Sara Bareilles wrote the music, and the movie will translate superbly onto the stage). ANYWAY. I was listening to it on my way to work this morning, and since I got there a few minutes early, I sat in my car to listen awhile longer because it’s just that good. After my stolen minutes are over, I go into work, yada yada, 5:30 rolls around, and I’m heading back to my car. I put my hand in my coat pocket.

  • My keys are not there.
  • My keys are in the ignition, where I left them, obviously, so that I could listen to music while parked.

I like to think I’ve gotten better at controlling my emotions when stuff like this happens. It’s fine, I think. My remote keyless entry thing is at home, I can just call Michael and ask him to bring it to me. He’s nice, so he immediately agrees. We hang up. A few minutes later he calls back.

  • His car has a flat tire.

Well, one of us needs to call AAA at this point. But a quick solution is to borrow our neighbors’ car so we can at least get me home. Michael spends five minutes trying to get in touch with our neighbor, finally calling me back and telling me to go ahead and call AAA; he can’t get ahold of them. M then interrupts my call to say he managed to get their keys and his on his way. He arrives 20 minutes later, only to discover:

  • The battery in the remote unlocker is dead.

So. I call AAA. The guy comes and pops my door open. I shower him with praises, then hop in to finally drive home. I turn the key.

  • My car battery is dead. Of course, because the key has to be turned enough for the battery to power the CD player.

I frantically wave down the AAA guy. He is nice and jumps my car. And Sara Bareilles (it’s all your fault, Sara! … Not really. It’s mine) accompanies me home, where both Michael and I made it– miraculously– with no further incident. But with more severely tried emotional thresholds, for sure. We’ll be calling AAA again tomorrow to tow Michael’s car to the tire place.

Moral of the story:

  • Beware good music.

And also:

  • AAA is worth it.

_ * _

I’ll leave you with that, and also with the promise of several hearty posts coming in the next few days. Hurrah! And happy advent season!


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