(Not) Back to School

Someday I will post pictures from our Wible family vacation to Montana. Today is not that day.

Today is for writing and updates and all that other (not as fun) bloggy stuff.

When I last saw a bunch of extended family in July, I was full-steam-ahead on my path to statistics. Last month, I was thinking about how weird it was that I’d be back in school next fall. And then I remembered that a lot of undergrad programs open their applications almost a year in advance, meaning I’d be applying… Soon. And when I imagined applying for statistics programs in a matter of weeks, my heart gave a little lurch. It wasn’t the kind of lurch that comes with the nerves that surround making big changes. It was the kind of lurch that said, maybe this is not quite right. So I took some time to reconsider, pause and pray. I thought about studying something broader. Accounting, maybe, or perhaps getting my MBA. I talked to a few close friends working in those fields. I got some great advice. And now my plan is to NOT go back to school. Not now, and not next fall. At least for now. To many, that might seem like the easy path… For me, “school” has always been my favorite job, and I was looking forward to being back in the classroom. But I didn’t have a clear vision for what I’d do with a given degree. Not one that really excited me, at least. I concluded it would be wiser to try to get whatever practical experience I can before I commit lots of time and resources into another degree I might not use.

So even though it’s going to be difficult, with almost a decade (for real!) of work in the non-profit and public service sectors, and with no educational background to recommend me otherwise, I’m going to try to break into business. Wish me luck. (And please, please send me your connections!)

On Michael’s end, he’s made some big moves, too. He’s enjoying his anesthesiology AI right now, but he’s planning on applying for internal medicine residencies, officially! We have a list of 24 programs (I will tell you if you’d really like to know, but I won’t post them here). These last few weeks have been full of corralling letters of recommendation, getting advice and wisdom from some uppers at UH and Case, and finalizing the personal statement. We are nearly ready, as we should be… The application goes out on Tuesday!

It still feels like summer here. I made a promise to myself last winter that I wouldn’t take the heat for granted, and to try not to complain about it. I’ve done a pretty good job. But when I really get the urge to start re-listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks, and start making comfort food, I feel like it should be a little cooler. In about a month, my friend Cait is coming to visit from LA and we will be able to do all those things and more– and by then it better be PSL weather! She’s counting on a dose of fall colors.

I got a sweet visit, too, last weekend from my friend Amanda. It was wonderful to bring her to Town Hall and Mitchells and share some good conversation. (Thanks for letting me steal you from your fam for an evening, ‘Manda!) She even got to meet some of the medwives, who gathered for a bonfire later that night (again… Wishing for fall. We were sweltering). And on Sunday we got to see good friends Luke and Nadyli get married in Pennsylvania. We took a little overnight trip and even brought Isis, who was very happy not to be left behind, but also very nervous about being left in a hotel room while we were at the wedding (she survived). The wedding was beautiful and moving, and we got to celebrate afterwards with Alex (a groomsman) and friends Garrett and Matt who also made the trek. What a great Labor Day weekend.

And now it’s officially September. And I can’t think of a pithy way to end this post, so.

The end.


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