July, July

I haven’t been posting because I’m too lazy to add photos, but that seems like a silly reason not to keep this updated since that’s its whole PURPOSE.

So. The big news first, since Michael’s upcoming decision is the atmosphere we’ve been breathing these last several months:

1. He has finished radiology, and decided NO, it’s not for him.

2. His interest in anesthesiology has reintroduced itself, and he feels he would always wonder “what if” if he didn’t get a good feel for it. Consequently, he had to schedule a last-minute AI in anes before his application is due, and that means he will miss our Wible family vacation to Montana at the end of August. Sad, but this is a life-altering choice and so he has to be sure. So we all support him 100%.

3. He started his medicine AI this week, and despite 12+ hour days, he is loving it. He’s more vibrant than I’ve seen him in months, and because of that our time together is so much richer. I truly think he will do medicine, and I’ve thought so for months now– but now I’m willing to put it out there, and eat my words if he’s applied to something else come September. He’s so happy, guys. It makes me happy.

Thanks for all your prayers and support as we navigate these tough choices.

In other news, I finished my stats class today. It was challenging and I liked it. A good sign, I think. I’m starting up again in the fall semester with a more advanced stats course.

I was able to visit Kansas last weekend, and it was an amazing (and exhausting) trip. I saw so much family and so many good friends that I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time. Minnesota is home, and Ohio is home, and this trip reminded me how much Kansas is also home– and how much I missed it without realizing. It was a really sweet time. Pictures coming soon– in the meantime see my Instagram!


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