We’ve been running around over here (in my case, literally running) with no time for much– including blogging.

Michael started his OB/Gyn rotation, kicked off with a week in gyn/onc surgery. This translates to: hello, waking up at 4 am again. That was a few weeks ago; I can’t even remember what he did his second week, but he got to catch babies in the middle of the night on his labor and delivery night float stretch last week. This, strangely, has not deterred him from wanting kids (?!), something for which I suppose I should be grateful. So there’s that.

Last week was “peak week” for my half marathon training, and it’s been on my mind so much that I even started to draft a detailed blog post about my running playlist, complete with .gifs to accompany my song choices. Then Michael reminded me that this is The Hermelin Family Blog– not my tumblr. (Thanks, babe. BUT if you are interested in my running playlist, do let me know.)

In other news:

1. We are still on the fence about specialty options. Stay tuned.

2. I am going to the Kentucky Derby this weekend! My friend Lauren is from Louisville and we’re roadtripping down to do the Derby cheap (DIY hats, infield tickets, staying-with-her-parents cheap. Just my style)! I’ll definitely be documenting. When else will I get to wear a huge hat? All my dreams are coming true.

3. My mom, my two sisters, and my niece and nephew are coming to visit! In TWO WEEKS! I can’t wait.

4. Let’s see, I guess I also registered at our local community college here to get some credits started for when I eventually plan to go back to school (fall of 2016, wherever we might be). So that’s pretty big! I’ll be taking statistics online this summer. I feel silly going back for another bachelor’s degree, but better to do it now at 25 than even further down the road. Right?

5. I ran a training race with the medwives, it was the perfect boost to get me through the next few weeks.

6. This post is already all over the place, so to wrap it up, have some pictures of us at the orchestra last weekend! Highlight: Watching some world-renowned French cellist play a cello that was over 300 years old. (!)

Best neighbors ever. Can we just always share a house?

Best neighbors ever. Can we just always share a house?

Oh, and this is our dog.


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Catching babies? Kentucky Derby? Big hats? 300 yr-old cello? US coming to visit? How fun! I’m especially excited to see pictures of the hats. And you. Love you!


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