Molly and Josh – ENGAGED!

In my group of “medwives,” we had one member who was technically a “medgirlfriend.” But not for long! Molly and Josh got engaged on Valentine’s Day, and since the rest of us have already passed through that lovely stage, we couldn’t pass up this chance to help the couple celebrate.

So we threw them an engagement party on Saturday. If I had planned this party, you probably could have expected some food and possibly a vase of flowers… But thankfully my friends have much better Pinterest skills than I do, making for MUCH better blogging. 😉 And a cuter party, I suppose.

Favors for an engagement party? Don’t mind if I do. (Get it? I do? *groan*) 

Of course, setting up for the party might have been just as fun as the party itself.

Silly candids.

Much better. 🙂

Emily putting the finishing touches on our card.

Emily putting the finishing touches on our card.

But showering Molly and Josh with love and support was obviously the best part.

(Soon-to-be) Mr. and Mrs.

A toast to the happy couple

Lots of extra champagne!

Emily did some pretty exemplary cutting and pasting in this bridal magazine… We were cracking up all night as we found more Josh and Molly heads pasted onto models’ bodies throughout the magazine

That gorgeous cake and banner on the left is courtesy of Lauren, the hostess. Em made the puff-ball banner. I… wrote on the chalkboard (but Devyn phrased it).

We loved spending the night celebrating– good friends, delicious food, fun games, lots of stories being told, very little medical school conversation… And actually, I don’t think even one piece of marriage advice was administered. Just the way it should be.

I’m endlessly grateful for these women, and I’m so happy we get to be together for this time in Molly’s life! Congratulations, Molly and Josh. We love you.


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