A Brite Winter Night

Last Saturday, we ventured out to Ohio City to surprise our friend Ethan for his 25th birthday. (Happy birthday, Ethan! We love you!)

We first met up with our recently-engaged friends Lesley and Jason for dinner. Lesley went to undergrad with Michael and is in the same year of medical school at a different program. It’s always refreshing to hear her perspective on the medical school process, and it’s been fun to talk wedding stuff, having just been through it ourselves! I’m sending Lesley this book, which my friend Cait gave to me after my engagement– it kept me sane throughout the wedding-planning process.

We ate at Town Hall, a new favorite– on one side of the restaurant, the seating is first-come, first-serve; you order your food at the counter and get your own drinks. No servers, no waiting for the pitcher to come ’round (and no tipping). It’s lovely.

The bonus of being in Ohio City on Saturday was that the Brite Winter music festival was going on. There were TONS of live local bands playing, including our friends The Modern Electric, whose show we got to see after dinner. The temperatures actually rose above zero that day, but I still couldn’t believe the guys could play outside without gloves on.

It was the best show of theirs we’d been to. The sound mixing was fantastic. We happened to be standing next to the sound guy, who was mixing with an iPad (uh… cool), so having that vantage point was lucky, since we were hearing the same things he was.

After our feet grew completely numb (for real), we managed to find Ethan and the rest of our party in the crowd, and headed inside. We warmed up with some spirits from the Market Garden Brewery, and some good conversation.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Love those faces. 🙂


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