It’s Been a While.

The reason it’s been a while is probably that around here, we are coming as close to hibernating as we possibly can. We are SO. READY. For this cold to go away.

There have been a couple pieces of news in recent weeks, though. First, I landed that full-time position at the library (woohoo!). I will be doing the job I am already doing, just with more hours and a bit more responsibility. It will be a more regular schedule, too, which will be really nice. I start officially on February 28th.

Michael has been leaning more and more towards anesthesiology. However, he just started his family medicine rotation yesterday and is really enjoying that so far, too. So we are still undecided on a specialty over here… But he’s started strategically planning his fourth year, and will need to start the residency application process, so we have to decide soon!

Isis has had some major cabin fever and is really sick of her little paws freezing. She borrowed our neighbor Oliver’s booties once but did NOT like them at all. (She seemed to miss the fact that they kept her paws nice and cozy. I guess it’s too much to expect those higher reasoning capabilities from a dog.)

Things I’ve been enjoying while hibernating and avoiding my kitchen (which is not insulated… That’s a story for another time):

1. The TV show The Killing, available on Netflix and also on DVD from your local library. Michael saw the description and said it was a perfect Dana show… It’s a dark crime drama based on a Danish show (Scandinavian– I’m already hooked), female lead, complicated cases and characters… Little did he know that I’d become slightly obsessed and he’d be sorry he ever mentioned it to me. It’s so, so good. I could probably write an essay on all the reasons I love it, but you should just watch it and then we can talk.

2. Various essays and blogs: This hilarious essay by Mindy Kaling, these essays that gave me hope in my never-ending quest trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, this artist’s work which I like because when is Greek mythology not cool?

3. Cereal. We’ve been eating a lot of cereal around here, especially any kind that includes the word “cocoa” on the box. Basically any food that I don’t actually have to cook, at all, is super appealing right now. It makes me miss my scholarship hall, where other girls cooked for me (in exchange for me cleaning out the refrigerators every day, and one sad semester, the bathroom), and also we had a WALL of cereal options. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

4. Crossing days off on my half marathon training schedule. I have not missed a single day, and man, that feels good. I have a feeling that after the race on May 17th, I will feel infinitely more proud of my hard work during this training time than I do about however I perform that day. It’s difficult, but a very good practice in discipline.

5. Warm socks. (Side note: does anyone have any recommendations for this? Wool is not doing it for me; shearling is so dang expensive… But at this point I’d like an actual sheep to just sit on my feet all day.)

Here’s to February ending soon.


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