Over the Weekend…

This past weekend was chock full of activity over here. Friday evening, I was able to see my friend and fellow “med wife” (we got married on the same day!) Jen, who is currently working in Florida. She’s an environmental biologist. Coolest job, right? But it means she often has to take jobs where it’s warm, i.e. not Cleveland.

Speaking of not warm, it’s been snowing non-stop for the last… two days, I think? Isis loves snow, and even she didn’t want to brave the drifts for a walk this morning. It’s up to my knees in places, not counting the piles that the snow plows make. We’re all ready for a little reprieve from the weather, at least on the days when we have to leave the house.

On Friday we got to see another friend from out of town– our friend Annie, who is in grad school at UW Madison, came to visit. A group of friends from Case went bowling at this snazzy new place in University Circle called The Corner Alley. That area has been revamped the last couple of years and it’s been fun to be here for that transition– so many things to do now over here on the east side!

Yesterday was obviously Super Bowl Sunday, and we spent it at Mom and Dad Hermelin’s. I feel like it’s my duty as an American to have the game on a TV in front of me each year, but if I’m being perfectly honest here… I fell asleep. At least I was well-rested for the harrowing drive home in the snow.

_ * _

This weekend included some difficult news, as well. On Thursday night, my Uncle Bob died after a long battle with cancer. I wish that when a loved one dies, the world would just stop, just for a little while, to give us time to process. But it doesn’t. I mean, look at the weekend we had– all plans made before I got that phone call, that would happen with or without my grief. A whole world of activity and action that didn’t pause; that didn’t realize Bob was gone.

He was tired, and I smile when I think that he’s in paradise with his heavenly father. That he has conquered. I smile, too, when I think of my cousin Lisa, who recently got engaged, holding an early and unofficial wedding ceremony at his bedside, so he could bless his baby’s marriage. I smile when I remember Uncle Bob. He had a very full life, and vibrant stories about it. Recently, a photo surfaced on Facebook of him with Muhammad Ali– maybe Aunt Susie can fill me in on that one! He liked to see people reach their full potential; he was quick to encourage and quick to praise. I’ll miss him.

My job grants bereavement leave only for immediate family members, so I wasn’t able to travel to Kansas for the funeral, which is happening today, right now as I type. Considering the weather, I may not have made it out of Cleveland anyway– but I wish I were there. From afar, I’m remembering Uncle Bob.


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