I Don’t Like Surprises

Most people close to me know that I don’t like surprises. It’s silly, but whenever I suspect a surprise might be coming, my mind automatically jumps to the best thing it could possibly be— and I am invariably disappointed. If I’m not suspecting a surprise, then I usually have an idea in my mind of how a certain event will unfold; and surprises frustrate me because I have to readjust my expectations. It’s a good exercise in flexibility… But frustrating when it could have been avoided (by NOT SURPRISING ME. Take note, friends. 🙂 )

Anyway, Michael succeeded in surprising me the other night.

It was a rare thing. An albino squirrel of surprises, if you will. Uncommon and delightful.

On Sunday, I got home from work and we didn’t want to cook. So we sifted through gift cards and evaluated our moods and threw out some suggestions for places to eat. I felt like Fat Head’s, which is way over on the west side, and I didn’t want to ask Michael to make the drive. So I skirted that and asked if he wanted to go somewhere close or if he’d be up for driving somewhere (in my opinion, most of the best eateries are concentrated on the west side). A few minutes later, M. suggested Fat Head’s. HA! He walked right into my evil plan! Actually, I was stepping right into his.

As we pulled into Fat Head’s parking lot, Michael received an intriguing call from someone he obviously didn’t know. I can always tell, because he answers, “Hello, this is Michael,” in his doctor voice. He made plans to meet someone at or near the restaurant later in the evening. What…?

So as mentioned above, my mind raced through possibilities of its own accord. He’s meeting someone he doesn’t know on the west side. Craigslist? That was the only explanation I could think of, after briefly considering PUPPY because that always crosses my mind when a surprise is in order. (I reasoned that Michael would never choose a puppy without my input. Also we’ve recently discussed getting a second dog and decided it’s probably not the right time.) So I landed on Craigslist, but I couldn’t figure out what we needed that Michael would get off Craigslist. I peppered him with suspicious questions the entire time we were waiting for a table to no avail. (Thanks for being patient with me, Michael.)

The mysterious caller phoned again as we were getting ready to leave, and I was told to meet Michael at the car. A few minutes later, I saw M. crossing the parking lot holding what looked like a big, heavy, white briefcase.

Friends, I don’t know if you recognize what comes in big white “briefcases,” but I’ll give you a hint:

Official Apple Logo Png Widescreen 2 HD Wallpapers


That’s what it was.

Let’s back up. So, my parents gave me a Macbook for high school graduation, and until Michael put my engagement ring on my finger, it was the most valuable thing I owned. I love my Macbook. It’s a really good computer. We’ve been through a lot together. But it’s old, in computer years. It barely survived the Snow Leopard update, so it’s been behind for a while. So we’d started saving up to get a new computer, one that we’d probably end up sharing (Michael’s laptop is mostly for school use; it’s souped up with a bunch of protection so that he can access patient records from it).

The other day, apparently Michael needed to access the Dropbox on my computer. I had told him it was slow, but he didn’t realize how slow until he actually sat down to use it. He deemed it unusable (I didn’t think it was THAT bad… everything just takes four times longer than it should. Also it has to be plugged in or it instantly dies). So he started looking into finding me a used computer in decent condition, that would last me until we could afford to get a new one. Sunday morning, he checked Craigslist and happened upon a new listing that was pretty unreal.

A 2014, 21.5-inch iMac with 2.9GHz and a full terabyte of storage. Practically new.

Basically, the best used computer we could possibly hope for. And after some negotiation, Michael realized he had a deal that he’d be crazy to pass up… And so he took it. After he crossed the parking lot, put the box in the backseat, and listened to me sputter for a little while, he said, “Happy I love you.”

And so now I have a new computer. And it’s really, really, nice.

My desktop and desk top.

My desktop and desk top.

I still can’t quite believe it.

My lovely new screen.

My lovely new screen.

Thanks, Michael, for succeeding at surprising me in good way; and thanks, God, for always meeting our needs and often our wants– even the silly ones, like a faster computer. And a Mac, at that. 🙂

I’m so excited. 🙂


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