Friday Miscellany

A word to describe this past week: Cold.

I can’t remember the last time my feet were warm. Poor Isis hasn’t had a proper walk in days, owing to my face and her paws freezing to numbness halfway down the block. I’ve had to carry all 50 pounds of her home a couple times because she couldn’t walk! At least I’m getting my exercise. We’re surviving, though, and hoping that this extreme cold spell will let up soon.

Michael started his internal medicine rotation and is enjoying it so far. I think he likes that there is so much variety– you really do get to see everything when working in internal medicine. It’s also less stressful than some of his other rotations have been. He still has pretty long hours, but his time at home is not so crammed with homework, studying, patient notes, and logs, so we are able to soak up a bit more quality time together here and there.

One piece of exciting news on my end: The application opened up this week for the full time youth services positions in our library system. I’ve been waiting on this for months now, and soon (I hope) the process will be complete. After our levy passed in November, the board approved several new positions, one of which will change my part-time position into full hours with benefits. I still had to apply internally, but should have no problem securing the position. This will make my schedule and income more predictable– I’m definitely looking forward to that!

_ . _

Things that have made me really happy this week:

Snuggling with my puppy.

Organizational projects at work that allow me to see the product of my labor.

Watching Isis play in the snow. (She LOVES snow, even when it’s negative gajillion degrees out.)

Decaf Earl Grey tea with milk and honey.



_ . _

This weekend, both Michael and I miraculously have both days off from work. We’re hoping to get out and about despite the cold, and enjoy some of what Cleveland has to offer. Stay posted. 🙂


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