Friday Miscellany

Today marks two full weeks of bronchitis for this girl, and oddly, I’m feeling worse instead of better. I took three days off work this week and then just threw in the towel and decided to go about my business and pretend I don’t sound like a dying duck, and hope it goes away. Your prayers are appreciated– I don’t think I’ve ever been sick for this long. We are very grateful that Michael hasn’t caught it, though!

Today also marks the end of Michael’s emergency medicine rotation. We got a nice surprise when his IQ group (a weekly discussion group with fellow med students) was canceled, and he got to come home early and hang out with me.

Lilies from M.

Also, he brought me flowers, which is pretty wonderful.

On Monday he’ll start his elective rotation (anesthesiology), which will go for two weeks, and then he’ll be off for Christmas celebrations.

Isis has enjoyed having me around this week more so than usual, and she is a very good nurse. For the most part.

She recently rediscovered this toy, which was a gift from "Grandma" Wible.

She recently rediscovered this toy, which was a gift from “Grandma” Wible.

As advertised, it seems to be pretty indestructible. Thanks, Mom!

I love the advent season, and Michael and I have been focusing for a few minutes each day on an advent passage. We’re using this list from The 36th Avenue. We’ve been reading them in The Message version, which adds some unfamiliar language to familiar passages– I think it helps me meditate a little deeper. I’m also finishing The Irrational Season by Madeleine L’Engle, which features journal-type essays from throughout the Holy Year. It starts and ends with Advent– I started it last year and will finish before Christmas. It’s been a really good exercise, and if any of you want to try it, now is the perfect time to start!

We’re looking forward to screening a movie night with some friends tomorrow evening at our place. We’ll be watching “Boyhood,” which Michael and I have been wanting to see for a while. It’s intriguing because the main character grew up as the actor did– the movie was filmed over 12 years, with all the same cast members.

That’s about it for this week!


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