Christmas Decorating

The ritual of decorating for Christmas is huge for me. It’s a big tradition at the Wible household, complete with blaring Christmas music, dance parties, unwrapping each ornament like it’s a gift, and all ending with a Christmas movie and popcorn. It’s wonderful. Michael gets a little overwhelmed by how much TRADITION goes on at the Wible house during the holidays, but at least he knows what he’s gotten himself into. So when we got home from our stay at Mom and Dad Hermelin’s house (for Thanksgiving celebrations with the Hermelin side and the Adamek family), M. found a good Pandora station (Sufjan Stevens Christmas, if anyone is looking for some chill, indie music this December) and I brought down my tub of Christmas decorations from the attic.

Sidenote: I’m so thankful we live in this house. We have stuff like an attic and a real fireplace. I love how much our house feels like a home, and it makes me grateful that we live in Cleveland where the cost of living is so low. I’m savoring it while I can.

I have some pictures to share of our little decorations. Our house is a mess at the moment (/always), so I photographed around the clutter. Maybe someday I’ll clean and take pictures for those of you that haven’t seen our little cottage. But for now you’ll have a taste.

Our little tree.

Our little tree.

This tree has been in the Wible family for a long time. It might even be the same one we had that Christmas when Dad was in Colorado and his girls were still in Kansas, before we were able to join him (I was five. Those few months sucked). It’s really pretty for a fake tree, but the branches are kind of flimsy so we couldn’t hang our heavier ornaments. But it still looks beautiful.

Stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Michael and I gifted each other stockings as an early Christmas present. We have a real fireplace! We couldn’t let that mantle go to waste during our first Christmas as a married couple. The choice was filled with gravity… “We’re picking the stockings we’ll have our WHOLE LIVES?” But I like the ones we ended up with.

on the mantle

Also on the mantle: A heavy ornament from my Eeyore-obsessed days, a TY reindeer from my friend Nicole when we were maybe 10 or 11 (Beanie Babies may not be worth anything still, but they make good Christmas decorations), and The Snowman— a gift from Aunt Christie and Uncle Terry, Christmas 1995. Also shown: a kettle that Leigh brought back for me from Korea. It’s one of the loveliest things I own.

More evidence of Beanie Babies as decor

More evidence of Beanie Babies as decor

Also shown: the tree that Michael had in his apartment the last two Christmases.

Home is where the heart is.

My mom started a tradition a couple years back of giving each of us three girls something really nice for our Christmas stash (see: the bowl above). I imagine our kids will wonder why the aunties and uncles have all the same decorations at Christmas time, but I like the thought that we share these things.


Michael says Christmastime is the only time I am “allowed” kitschy stuff, and I take full advantage. Actually, I am not a fan of kitsch, either– except at Christmas. I’ve loved that little girl with her pup for forever– my mom finally sent it home with me one year. It used to top a music box, but that part broke a long time ago. The little angel on the right was another gift from Aunt Christie, many years ago.

$0.99 poinsettia from Home Depot on black Friday.

$0.99 poinsettia from Home Depot on black Friday.

Who knew?! (Well. Apparently Mom Hermelin and Alex did. I’m just glad I was able to take advantage.) It’s ridiculous how much it clashes with our beautiful tile table, but I don’t care. I love it.


I got this wreath today. Our whole front staircase smells like an evergreen forest and it’s wonderful.

That’s all at our house, but I can’t wait to decorate in Minnesota (dance party and all) in just two and a half weeks!


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